There are many excellent brokers, but there are also conflicts of interest in the industry that can cause costly problems for clients.

There's "transaction bias." Brokers get paid when a property sells, regardless of whether it's the right property for the client's needs at the right price. Also, the more a client buys or sells, the more the broker makes. Yet, sometimes, the best thing is to do nothing... not to rush to buy or sell. 

There's "price bias." If you're buying, your broker makes more the more you pay. 

If you're selling, there's "commission bias." Brokers often have a perverse incentive to steer the deal to their own clients so they keep all the commission, rather than direct your deal to the most qualified buyer who will pay you the highest price. 

At Pax, we bring our 18 years of investing experience to bear when representing clients on the buy or sell side on apartment buildings, hospitality properties, and office buildings. In every transaction, we strive to keep your best interests in mind because we're not focused on the one-time commission; we're looking to build a relationship.