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Pax Properties has sponsored over 38 property investments in seven cities in three States since 2002. During that time, through the boom and bust, we have never been late on a single mortgage payment or lost an investor a dollar.

Like others, we certainly have our opinions about the market. But we don't stake our success on our ability to read tea leaves. Instead, our strategy is to focus on three key elements we can control: cash flow, amortization, and positive leverage. We call this the CAP strategy. (See Below or Click Here

With this approach, investors have the potential to make significant returns even if market prices never rise by a single dollar. And if they do rise? They may simply be in a position to see good investments turn into extraordinary investments. 

Pax investments are open exclusively for accredited investors. To learn more, or to receive notice of our next opportunity, fill out the form below. 

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CAP Strategy Explanation

Justin Ford Explains His CAP Strategy

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