Mortagage Finance

Whether you're buying a commercial property for your business or investment, you have to buy right and borrow right.

At Pax we've been the borrower on over 40 investment properties and yet we have never been late on a mortgage payment not even through the bust. That's because we budget for reserves, make sure we have ample debt coverage, and we borrow strategically.

Our philosophy is that the right loan should increase your ROI without dramatically increasing your risk. That's positive leverage.

As lenders and mortgage brokers, we help clients benefit from this long-term approach. We focus on finding the funds that best fit the project and the borrower. We work with community banks, credit unions, private lenders and Wall Street. We help clients secure bridge loans, SBA loans, traditional long-term debt, Fannie Mae, FHA and CMBS, including assumable loans.

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