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Justin Ford  IMN Conferences

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Foot Tracks on Sand

Tuesday October 6th 2020:

Increasing NOI & Property Performance By Widening Your Tenant Pool & Their Revenue Stream

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Tuesday July 27th 2021:
Cash Flowing vs. Appreciation, Building Class, New Construction vs. Value Add; Selling vs. Buying: Has Covid-19 Changed Your Portfolio Construction Thoughts?

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Abstract Surface

Thursday September 9th 2021:
New Emerging & First Time Funds: Setting Up Your Infrastructure, Choosing 

Tuesday September 21st 2021:
Acquisitions & Exits In An Uncertain Market: Are You Adjusting Underwriting Metrics To Get Deals Done?

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Tuesday November 2th 2021:
Choosing Local Emerging, Secondary & Tertiary Markets: Is It A Timely Move?

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