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The Pax Properties Team

Photo of Justin Ford, Visionary and CEO of Pax Properties

Justin Ford

Pax Founder & CEO

Justin Ford is the principal and sole owner of Pax Properties.  Pax has owned, renovated, and operated over 40 properties in nine cities in four states over the last 19 years. Through the boom and bust, Pax has bought over $100 million of real estate and has renovated and operated over 1,000 units.


In that time, Pax has consistently delivered superior returns while never being late on a single mortgage payment or losing an investor a single dollar.  Mr. Ford attribute’s this unique track record to his company’s long-term outlook and its focus on cash flow, operations, and conservative financing.

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Meet the Pax Team

Chris Ford

Chris Ford

Director of Finance

Photo of Kathleen Pyles Controller for Pax Properties

Kathleen Pyles


George G. Souaid Chief Strategy Officer at Pax Properties, LLC.png

George G. Souaid

Chief Strategy Officer

Photo of Diana Williams Human Resource Manager at Pax Properties

Diana Williams

Human Resource Manager

Angel Bucio

Angel Bucio

Head of Construction

Photo of John Howard at Pax Properties

John Howard

Acquisitions &

Investor Relations 

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