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Pax Properties' Investor Testimonials

Porter Stansberry

Porter Stanberry,

Founder Stansberry Research

“I’ve done very well… by letting Justin do all the work.”

Justin Ford was my very first boss. Justin truly inspired me to be the publisher that I am today. He cared passionately about our subscribers, and he wanted our work to be brilliant, not just good. I've been investing with Justin in real estate deals since 2009 and I’ve done very well. I just want to make it clear that if you're interested in getting into real estate, I think the best way to do it is to let Justin do all the work. It's worked extremely well for me.

Thomas J Frank

Thomas J Frank,

Retired CEO Conn's Home Plus

"Justin always puts his investors interest ahead of his own"

I met Justin 8 years ago at a seminar in which he was part of the program. I was so impressed with his philosophy and presentation I sat through it a second time. Since that time I have not only worked with him on several projects but have also made significant investments in four of his properties. What I do know about Justin he is extremely honest and forthright in his dealings with investors and the people that build and operate these various properties. He got all of his properties through the covid crisis when tourism essentially dried up in Florida. Anytime addition funds have been needed to finish a project he loaned his own money to the partnership at no interest. My experience is he is not greedy and always puts his investors interest ahead of his own. As a retired CEO of a public company I not only consider Justin a good friend additionally he is one the finest individuals I have had the pleasure of doing business with in my 51 year career.

Mike Opalka

Mike Opalka,

High School History Teacher 
State Champion Basketball Coach 2021
Former Chief Miami Airport Fire Department

“Ten years ago, I worked with Justin for a few weeks  in his converted ‘garage office’… my wife and I have invested in over a dozen Pax projects since then.”

A friend introduced me to Justin in 2011. Her boss had done well investing in some of Pax's first apartment communities and she knew I was looking to invest in real estate. Before I made my decision, I offered to help Justin source construction materials. It was an opportunity to see his young company from the inside. I worked with Justin for about four weeks in his "office," the converted garage of one of his rental properties.  That showed me what I needed to know.  Since then, my wife Suzanne and I have invested in over a dozen of Justin's offerings, my brother Tom has invested in about as many and our mother, Lena, has invested in three.  All have been successful.  Our family is very pleased to be part of the Pax family.

Bob Irish

Bob Irish, 

Contributing Editor, Palm Beach Letter
Former Sr. VP, American Funds

“I had a long, successful career on Wall Street. Yet my investments with Pax have been among the very best investments in my life.”

In 2010, I put some money with Justin on two little houses in a re-emerging part of town. They ended up being home runs, to say the least. But they were just the beginning. Then I went in with him on a few apartment buildings near the beach. Then I took a piece of their first small hotel, another apartment complex, a much larger apartment complex, a few larger hotels (that would go on to win numerous awards), more apartment communities and a grocery anchored retail shopping center. Every single investment has been successful, and the communication has been clear and consistent every step of the way. I have been fortunate to have had a long, successful career on Wall Street. It’s great to have investments not connected to the volatile stock market.  Plus, I can say without exaggeration that my investments with Pax have been among the very best investments in my life. 

Rob Gramer and his wife

Rob Gramer,

Copywriter, Agora Publishing

“One of the best people you could partner with.” 

I believe Justin is one of the best people you could partner up with.  Buying a property smart is only part of the equation. You have to manage smart too. I have witnessed many instances where Justin saved investors’ money and they never even found about it. It’s how they do business at his company.  In a tough market, you need a person like Justin watching the bottom line like a hawk… and fighting for every dollar. That’s one of the reasons Justin and Pax have so many loyal repeat investors, including me.

Mark Ford

Mark Ford,

Co-Founder, Palm Beach Research Group
Multiple NYT Best Selling Author

“Seven figures in cash profits.”

I have made seven figures in cash profits, $750,000, from my brother Justin's real estate projects—while never having that much at stake at one time.  Reinvesting does wonders.  Plus, I still have substantial equity and continue to receive quarterly distributions like clockwork. Best of all, I have received these returns with regular reporting and without me having to do a lick of “work” or sign a mortgage loan.  Simply put, these investments have been among the most profitable—and by far the easiest—I’ve ever made.

Nancy Morris

Nancy Morris,


“I made the leap from CAP Strategy student to successful Pax Investor!”

I studied Justin's real estate course in 2005. It helped me as an investor in single-family properties. When the crash came, I did just fine because I followed the principles he taught in his CAP Strategy.  in 2013, I made the leap from student to Pax investor.  Since then, I have made very good returns investing directly with Pax on eleven separate occasions so far... and counting!

Karim Use

Karim Rahemtulla,

Co-Founder Monument Traders Alliance
Options Strategist, The Oxford Club

“Consistent double-digit gains”

Justin Ford has made me a good bit of money using his real estate strategies. He has shown a knack for spotting great values.  Over the past seven years I've realized consistent double digit gains from both income and capital gains from my investments with him.

Tim Mittelstaedt

Tim Mittelstaedt,

Founder/CEO, Deepwater Digital

“So much easier… I plan only on investing with Justin.”

I tried investing in single family homes myself but it was such a hassle even with a property manager. Then I met Justin. Oh god, it's so much easier. What I like best is Justin is very transparent. He admits when he makes a mistake or could have done things better. As an investor I find that reassuring. I have sold all of my single-family homes and plan on only investing with Justin going forward.

Place Holder Avatar

Paul Formano,

Founder/CEO, Premier Direct

“When I think of making a real estate investment, Pax Properties is my first choice.”

I have invested in four of Justin's projects over the last ten years. All paid quarterly cash yields much higher than the stock and bond markets, to say the least. Three were also sold for healthy capital gains. Whenever I think of making a new real estate investment, Pax Properties is my first choice.

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