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Now Accepting Accredited Investors:
The CAP Plus Diversified Income Fund

Designed to Deliver Significant Cash Yields & Competitive

Long-term Total Returns From Strategic Property Investments in Select Value & Growth Markets

Pax Properties is pleased to offer shares in The CAP Plus Diversified Income Fund.  The fund will buy and improve income-producing real estate in value and growth markets throughout the US while taking advantage of today’s historically low interest rates. The improved operations and cash flow, combined with low-cost, long-term, fixed-rate, amortizing debt, are expected to produce significant cash yields and competitive total returns with moderate risk.


Targeted returns are 14% to 18% annually. These include expected cash yields of 5% to 7% in the first two years as the fund is acquiring assets, over 8% by year three when the portfolio should be largely stabilized, then growing by about a half percentage point a year from there.​

The fund will invest primarily in apartment communities. Yet, it will also from time to time pursue other types of income-producing properties that are selling at significant discounts due to special circumstances.  In all cases, the fund will target cash-flow properties selling below or close to replacement cost. ​

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