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Real Estate Investments

The CAP Strategy Approach to Legacy Wealth Building

Current Offering

Justin Ford Introduces 

the CAP Plus Diversified Income Fund

The fund will buy and improve value-add apartments and select other income-producing commercial properties, in overlooked value and growth markets, primarily in the Southeast and Midwest.

Photo of Justin Ford, owner of Pax Properties, with Seven Hills Suites seen in background

How the CAP Plus Diversified Income Fund Works

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You Investigate

You need to think about your investment goals, your risk tolerance level, how to diversify across asset classes, and of course do your due diligence on us and all other sponsors.

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You Invest

Then accredited investors can invest through our easy to use online portal or you can reach out to us for a phone call to answer any questions prior to investing. 

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You Get Paid

After investing expect to receive quarterly reports and distributions through direct deposit and watch your wealth passively grow.

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We Buy Right

By adhering to our CAP Strategy, investing in overlooked value and growth markets, and buying below replacement costs, we mitigate our downside potential.

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We Operate & Optimize​

We can produce best-in-class structures efficiently and cost-effectively because we are a vertically integrated company with in-house property, construction, and asset management.

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We Distribute

Pax Properties is aligned with you, the investor, because we realize you have put your trust in us. You always get paid first through preferred returns and splits in your favor.

The CAP strategy Bubble-Proof Real Estate Investing For Life-Long Cash Flow

Featured Resource

​Learn How Pax Consistently Delivers Competitive and Superior Returns Through the Boom and the Bust.

Why Invest with Pax Properties

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Cash Flow

We avoid speculating on appreciation but instead concentrate on buying & fixing properties that will cash flow and more than cover the expenses, debt service and reserves. Buying right means more cash flow & more profit.

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One of the most powerful, long-term, wealth creating forces in real estate.  It’s contribution to the overall returns is often overlooked, particularly in ‘hot markets,’ and its compounding effect is a primary reason why we favor long-term investments.

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Positive Leverage

30-years of experience in the financial newsletter and real estate industries provides the foundation for a smart and calculated use of debt to ratchet up your returns without an undue increase in risk.

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Vertically Integrated

In-house operations, property management, and construction generates greater value because of the more efficient and effective use of each invested dollar.

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20-Year Track Record

Proven history of outperformance through the financial and housing crash of 2008-2009 as well as through the current Covid-19 pandemic is reflective of an experienced and disciplined team.

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Capital Preservation

We have never missed a mortgage payment or lost an investor a dollar but rather have made superior returns through the booms and busts. We credit this to our focus on what we can control and not being blindsided by frenzied markets.

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Your investment is diversified across multiple properties and different property types in various geographies, economies, and regulatory atmospheres in order to spread and mitigate the overall investment risk.

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Tax Benefits

Depreciation is a tax deduction that allows you to keep more of the profits to use how you see fit. We maximize this benefit through allowable but oftentimes overlooked techniques and strategies.

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We cannot predict market appreciation but we do choose growth and value markets and optimize our properties with ‘forced appreciation’ to be best-in-class in their area, outperforming the competition.

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Investor Alignment

We prefer to make money for and with our investors; not off of them. This is proven by our very low fees and a fund structure that strongly favors the Interests of the investor over fund management.

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Bubble Proof Real Estate Investing for Life-Long Cash Flow

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Cap Strategy Explained
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